2019 Parents Meeting Information


After a very successful year last year and an excellent start this winter with our open gym program, we are very excited to get Panther Tennis 2019 started.

We have a new assistant coach and many new faces as volunteer assistant coaches too.

Panther Tennis covenants: “Panther PRIDE”

P assion fun, joy, support
R espect kindness, understanding, clean language
I ntegrity honesty, self-calls, even-tempered
D etermination commitment, focus
E quity inclusive, no-cut, sharing attention

Coaches goals for the year

  1. Have fun!
  2. Grow teamwork and comradery
  3. Increase strategic knowledge
  4. Develop tennis fitness


  1. Attend and be early or on-time to practice. Stay the entire session.
  2. Practice sessions: 4:00 – 5:30pm. Captains warm-up begins at 3:45pm.
    1. Pre-arranged lateness or early departures only.
  3. F list: Attend practice with homework. No tennis or contests until off the F list.
  4. Speak with all of your teachers before we miss class.
    1. Report of not speaking with your teachers? Miss the next contest.
  5. No breaking of covenants (swearing, disrespectful comments, rudeness).
    1. Offenders will be cleaning a bathroom at home and will bring a photo.

Keep in touch

  • Team website – The coaching staff reports scores and makes other information available on the team’s website at panthertennis.wordpress.com
  • Team Remind – get our messaging on your phone. Parents & players welcome.
    • rmd.at/staytough with your smartphone or text @staytough to 81010.

Team parents

Suzette Stokke leads the Panther Tennis Parents squad this year. Our team parents are essential to the team, as they keep us fed, hydrated, and take care of us.

Coach Contacts

Coach (Justin) Arndt justin.arndt@gmail.com

Coach (Annie) Marshall amarshall@bsd44.org

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