An abrupt end to the 2020 tennis season

I have been dreading writing this. However, the longer I avoid it does not make it any less true: we will not be having a tennis season this year.

We can thank something smaller than a blood cell. COVID-19 has has wrecked havoc across the word, killed thousands, put thousands more out of work, and caused so many other catastrophes. In the grand scheme of things, not having a tennis season is a small concession when regarding the broader impacts… but it is still saddening and frustrating. For what it’s worth, I am truly sorry we will not be out on the courts this spring.

Activities fees, jerseys…

I will address a few housekeeping items.

  1. Activities fees.
    • Seniors: you can get their spring activities fees refunded to them or you can elect to donate it to the school. That is completely up to you.
    • All other players: your activity fee will be stored in your account for your next activity/sport.
  2. Jerseys.
    • Seniors, we are working on a plan to buy the required jerseys back from you if you do not want to keep it. Get in touch with myself or call the Activities Office. I will also say that even if this was your first year and you only played for a week, you still deserve to wear our jersey. You will forever be a part of Panther Tennis. You worked hard. Some of you have been at it since January or before.
    • All other players: We will keep the same system for next year, so hang onto your jersey.

To you, our seniors.

I know that our seniors are feeling this in a more acute way. Senior year is the ending of so many familiar things, the finishing of so many lifelong projects. Preparing yourself for the world is a monumental task and your senior year is the culmination of all of that hard work. To have the chance to finish, to complete projects like this is critical, and to be cut off instead must feel very troubling. For me, senior year was hard enough without a global pandemic and having ALL THE THINGS cancelled. I truly feel for you. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

What will we do now?

I am talking with Rick (Activities Director), our coaches and the other spring coaches about ways to finish off the season, especially for our seniors. Personally, I am quite fearful of contracting COVID-19 as I am high risk (I am an asthma patient.) However, we will figure out something! Captains and seniors – get in touch with myself or one of our other coaches if you have ideas or preferences on what we can do.

Was it worth it?

I truly believe we have saved lives by not having a tennis season, by removing all of you from school, and from limiting our exposure to others. If we have saved one life – just one – this was all worth it. And I believe I can say, easily and without hesitation: we have saved at least one life.


Coach Justin

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