Courts are open again, but continue distancing

Hi everyone. I sincerely hope you are all OK. This has been a trying time for sure, especially with no tennis courts to play on.

I am happy to report that the Belgrade courts are now open again! However, please observe the USTA COVID-19 safety guidelines. Check them out. I will highlight a few items from it, but read the entire guideline report before getting on the court.

Bring sanitizer with you.

While you already know to stay at least 6 feet from each other, not to share anything, etc. there are still things at the courts you need to touch: the gates at the very least. Sanitize your hands after going through the gates, perhaps on breaks while playing, and do not touch your face.

Use your own tennis balls.

I recommend playing with 6 balls and using a marker to write your name or initials on yours. Do not pick up your opponent’s. You’ll get good at using the outside of your foot and your racquet to start bouncing the ball so you can hit it back to them.

Also, do not go into the tennis shed and use any of those balls. Let’s keep them quarantined for now.

Play singles.

There is too much risk, especially during Phase 1, of being too close to another player and getting exposed while playing doubles.

If you are high risk, do not play yet.

This means if you have any underlying health conditions (like me, I have asthma) wait to play until Phase 3.

If you are even remotely sick or have any of the COVID symptoms, do not play!

Most likely you know this already, but this is so important.

Feel free to text me if you have questions or need anything.


Coach Justin

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