End of the season thoughts for 2019

It was an amazing season for growth this year! I had been posting scores and thoughts about each match last year on this site and there just wasn’t time for that this year after more than doubling our team to over 40. I really appreciate the energy and patience all of the team showed this year as we worked out how best to serve (haha) so many new players and keep our inclusive, team atmosphere alive.

We have lots to work on as a team, as a coaching staff, and as individual players. However, we achieved much this year and have many things to celebrate.

Our inaugural year for JV

We have never had enough players to warrant a Junior Varsity (JV) and how exciting it was this year to have this pool of players. After the feedback we got from the team, we’re planning on making sure that we provide ample courts, coaching and time to the JV in the future. Thank you for your energy and patience this year, JV!

Hanna goes to state

Four coaches and one player went to state this year. (Don’t worry, two of the coaches funded their trips on their own – we have amazing coaches.) Hanna Stokke did excellent all year and showed up at our last visit to the Class A State Tournament. It was a fine farewell as Hanna’s win came playing Abi Noteboom from Hardin whom she had not beaten ever in her high school career.

The first P.R.I.D.E. Awards are presented

In conference with our first team captains last summer, we came up with the Panther Tennis Covenants including:

  • P = Passion
  • R = Respect
  • I = Integrity
  • D = Determination
  • E = Equity

We issued our team awards based on players who embodied each of these covenants, as voted on by the players and coaches. The winners this year were:

  • Passion – Hanna Stokke and JD Hoppe
  • Respect – Hanna Stokke and Seth Koltz
  • Integrity – Jackson Thorn and Alexa Dreyer
  • Determination – Hanna Stokke and Dawson Brooks
  • Equity – Fiona Collins and Reece Eller

All of our players did an excellent job this year modeling our five covenants. I take immense pride in being the coach for such a team (pun intended.)

What’s next?

The Players page has lots of information on what a junior can do outside of the season including camps, drills and tournaments.

The coaching staff is beginning to organize indoor open gyms again as we did in January – March, but we’re aiming to do them from the end of September onward. Keep an eye here for more information after school starts up again in September.

And don’t be afraid to shoot me an email, call or let me know what you need.


Coach Justin

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