Further Tennis Opportunities 2018

If you’re planning on coming back to the team next year, or looking to play tennis onward as you lead your life, here is an introduction to what you can do this year.

In order to progress skills, tennis players should play as regularly as possible. Once per week will maintain skills, more will continue to increase skills. Here are a few of the local opportunities to play tennis outside of the season. Notifications? Text @staytough to 81010 (our Remind text group.)


These are USTA tournaments unless noted. A junior USTA membership is $20/year + each tournament entry fee.

  • Jun 16: Junior Tiebreak 10s (non-USTA) – Belgrade
  • Jun 23-24: Alpine Orthopedics Junior – Bozeman
  • July 14: Adult Tiebreak 10s (non-USTA) – Belgrade
  • Jun 29-Jul 1: Alpine Orthopedics Adult – Bozeman
  • Jul 20-22: Big Sky State Games Junior – Billings
  • Jul 27-29: Montana State Junior Open – Missoula
  • Aug 18: Belgrade Adult Fast4 Tournament (non-USTA) – Belgrade
  • Aug 31 – Sep 3: BTA Labor Day Open – Billings
  • Sep 8: Belgrade Junior Fast4 Tournament (non-USTA) – Belgrade
  • Nov 9-11: Gourmet Open Adult – Bozeman
  • Dec 7-9: Winston Cham-A-Koon Junior – Great Falls

There are more! Check out tennislink.usta.com for more.

Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis in Montana is played like this:

  1. Two players make a team (can be coed)
  2. Two singles sets (each player plays singles) and one doubles set (they play together) is played each match
  3. Winner is best 2 of 3 sets
  4. 14 and under’s tournament is played over 3 weeks.

Bozeman has two Junior Team Tennis sessions put on by the USTA.

  • 14 and Under date: June 16, July 14 and August 11.
  • Junior team tournament: June 22.

More tennis for juniors, beginners, and more?

Belgrade Tennis Association

Belgrade Tennis Association and the Bozeman Tennis Association will have youth lessons, clinics and other opportunities throughout the summer and fall. Website: belgradetennis.org

Open Gyms in the Special Events Center this winter

Along with the summer Belgrade camp, Swing for Success, Belgrade High School is also working on a fall/winter program, including “Open Gyms”, indoors at the Special Events Center with Belgrade Tennis coaches and Dave Luebbe from Riverside Tennis Club.

MSU Camp

MSU offers a summer camp, and drill sessions throughout the winter. Website: bobcattenniscenter.com

Adult USTA Leagues

If you’re graduating and would like to play more team tennis in a USTA “league” let me know – I can get you on a team.

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