Belgrade vs Bozeman JV on April 17, 2018

We finally got out from under the weather (literally) and played a match! After missing our first five, it was nice to finally play a rescheduled match. Bozeman’s JV is always a great first match and gracious hosts. We even “co-hosted” as we hosted their boys team in Belgrade while our girls went to Bozeman and played in a few mini snow storms.

Girls Results: Belgrade 5 – Bozeman 2

The girls played 8 game pro-sets with no-ad scoring, so the matches went a bit faster and they got a few more in with the very large Bozeman JV team.


  • No. 1: Bree Luther, Boz, def. Hanna Stokke, 8-6
  • No. 2: Eliza McLaughlin, Bel, def. Helene Hart, 8-6
  • No. 3: Jalen Syvertson, Boz, def. Nicole Anderson, 8-7(4)
  • No. 4: Delaney Calhoun, Bel, def. Kayla Knapp, 8-5


  • No. 1: Brooke Gilbertson and Lilly Reddick, Bel, def. Annalese Andicoon and Ava Lauman, 8-3
  • No. 2: Carrie Sander and Aysha Chidester, Bel, def. Anna Sophianek and Emily Algeria, 8-5
  • No. 3: Delanee Hicks and McKenzie Feddes, Bel, def. Emily Stenberg and Cassie Rosa, 8-7(3)

Other Matches

  • No. 4 Doubles: Angelina Chandler and Audrey Bernall, Bel, def. Felicity Slosher and Izzie Lauman, 8-2

Boys Results: Belgrade 3 – Bozeman 4

The Bozeman JV team is much smaller than their girls’, only 9, so technically they couldn’t field two matches in a regular duel. They opted to field two singles and three doubles teams, of which Belgrade only won one. So, the score could very well show 1-4, but if we’re being official it’s still a 3-4 loss. Belgrade is proud to have a full team plus a few extra this year after starting with only 7 boys, now with a solid 13.


  • No. 1: Conner McCauley, Bel, def. JJ of Bozeman, 8-1
  • No. 2: Hayden of Bozeman, def. Jackson Thorn, 8-5


  • No. 1: Si and Andy of Bozeman, def. Javan Chisholm and Logan McCauley, 8-4
  • No. 2: Cooper and Chase of Bozeman, def. Seth Koltz and Kaden Jensen, 8-4.
  • No. 3: Jacob and Alex of Bozeman, def. Reece Eller and Dawson Brooks, 8-3.

Other Matches

  • Singles Exhibition: Seth Koltz, Bel, def. Alex of Bozeman, 8-4.
  • Doubles Ex: Sy and Alex of Bozeman, def. Dalton Reed and Zander Putnam, 8-2.
  • Doubles Ex: JJ and Cooper of Bozeman, def. Austin Hargrove and Quinn Gannon, 8-2.

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