The apparel order saga 2020 has finally ended


Our tennis order from Stoller arrived and due to circumstances beyond my control, the sizes of some of the products were incorrect. See the email below regarding how the refunds will be distributed. However, the jerseys, tank tops, polos, and visors are the correct sizes and ready to be picked up or delivered. 

I’ll hold more pick-up times if needed! Please reply to me with your name and address if you would like your order dropped off on your porch.

If you do have further questions regarding your refund, the contact information for Stoller Sports is on the attachment. Thank you again for your patience and understanding during these crazy times!

– Coach Marshall

Email from Stoller Sports:

Mike Stoller Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 7:31 AM
To: Rick Phillips, Annie Marshall, Matt Sheflin,
Saralyn McLean

Hi all

Stoller Sportswear wanted to reach out and apologize for the issues we had with the tennis apparel. There was a sizing error made by our distributor that rarely happens but unfortunately in this case did. This was in no part the fault of Coach Marshall, she did everything right and was wonderful to deal with. We will be refunding all items that are incorrect, you will see a refund and receive an update email order confirmation in the next week or so. Again we are very sorry about this and hope everybody is happy with this resolution


Mike and Matt
Stoller Sportswear, Inc
Mike Stoller – Founder/Owner

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