Mental Toughness ABCs

Hi everyone, Coach Justin here.

This has been a tough time for all of us. I hope these at-home practice workout ideas are helpful. I have finally begun gathering them all onto the Players Portal to make it easier to find and post your results, responses and questions.

Today we are working on preparation, specifically with something (in tennis) that really bothers you out on the court.

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Decide on your “one thing that drives you nuts”.
  3. Find 3 things you can do in that situation, A, B, C.
  4. Record your “one thing” and your ABCs in the comments below.

Have a great Wednesday! – Coach Justin

8 thoughts on “Mental Toughness ABCs

  1. Problem: double faulting.
    A: Hit 2nd serve as first serve.
    B: Slow down serve routine and spin the ball more.
    C: Aim for the outside corners (can hit ball deeper without it going out.)


  2. Problem: surrendering against a tough opponent

    A. Breathe/relax
    B. Think about the positive things you’re doing while playing
    C. Thinking back to the basics and finishing every shot (smarter not harder)


  3. Problem: Having to serve

    A: Breath and don’t overthink the serve
    B: Pay attention to the ball and remember that if I mess up I get a second chance
    C: Follow through on the serve


  4. Problem: asking for advice/suggestions during a match when I’m frustrated

    A: calm down, ask a coach what to do or what they would do

    B: if I’m playing doubles ask my partner

    C: calm down in general and think of a way to spice up my game


  5. Problem:Returning a fast serve or hit

    A- Stay focused

    B- Make sure I am in a position that I’m prepared to hit if the serve is fast

    C- Breathe and stay positive


  6. Trying to crush a ground stroke-over hitting and putting the ball out of play

    -Focus on the shot while preparing to hit
    -Remind myself to play within my game
    -Use my opponent’s power against them
    -Making sure the time is correct, getting into position for power shots and using proper form
    -If miss the power shot to try and forget and move on-don’t dwell on the missed shot


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